bees and combDon’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or to request goods or services:

(707) 489-1587

We look forward to hearing from you!

10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, I am interested in some bees. Is it too late to order for the season. A friend of mine referred me to you. Thank You💜

  2. Hello, I was curious about a service I don’t know if you provide or not. I have 8acres of pasture that has tons of star thistle. I’ve heard that star thistle makes great honey. Well I don’t have the time or skills to maintain my own hives, however I was hoping to find someone who would be interested in putting some hives here in exchange for some honey and wax. Neighboring property is an organic grape vineyard. Not sure if that’s good or bad.
    Anyways if that’s a possibility I’d be interested. Thank you
    Joe Aplet

  3. Hi Carson,

    My holiday customers want candles again and I am wondering if you are selling wax and how much per pound it is. Also do you need any candles this year for gifts? Hoping all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you, Jen

  4. We are interested in purchasing a gallon of your honey when you come to the Farmer’s Market in Fort Bragg or Mendocino

  5. Hi Carson and Elizabeth and Baby,
    This is Maia from Princess Seafood and as I was packaging some salmon spines just now I had a though that Maybe you guys could help me find some bees still! My mans mom beekeepers in Humboldt and she set me up with the starter hive equipment- including 10 frames with comb… i know I’m late to the game but I would love to try and get a hive running this year! My hive is all set up and ready to go- any chance you have packages still or any advice? I’ll be in Ukiah tomorrow so let me know sooon! ❤️🌻🌻🌻🍯 my number is 595-690-1350

  6. Hi, I live in Ukiah and just bought your honey for the first time at the Co-Op. It says “raw” on the label and I’m wondering to what degree your honey is heated. My understanding is that most of the healthful properties are lost when it is heated/cooked. Is yours truly raw?

    1. Hi there, and my apologies for the delayed response! In the hive, honey is kept at about 95 degrees. We heat our honey to the same level in order to bottle it, so it’s as raw as the bees keep it!

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