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It’s time to order bee packages!

2018 is underway, and January always makes us look to the spring ahead of us. In the land of beekeeping, spring means new  hives. We are excited to once again offer bee packages for sale, available in mid to late April. The bees come from a trusted partner of ours in nearby Capay Valley. Each three-pound package is enough to start a new hive, and includes approximately 3 frames of bees and a mated queen.

If you would like to order one or more bee packages from us, please fill out and return this 2018 Bee package order form by March 31, 2018. Packages must be pre-paid. All orders are final and nonrefundable.

  • 1-4 packages: $150 each
  • 5+ packages: $125 each (only one contact person allowed)
  • 1 complete hive: $350. Includes two 10-frame boxes with frames (one deep and one shallow), top and bottom boards, and bees. Will be available for pick-up or delivery in the evening 2-3 days after the packages arrive.
  • Delivery and installation fee: $35 (optional; Ukiah area only)

Call 707-489-1587 or email with questions or to order over the phone or via email.

bee packages


Farewell, Farmers Market

Today was the last day of the Redwood Valley Farmers Market. It was an excellent season that saw the market grow in spades (thanks in large part to our enthusiastic market manager Steph) and helped us connect with the community. We made great friends with other food producers (I’m looking at you, Black Dog Farm!) and found a new customer base that is just as enthusiastic about local, raw honey as we are (special shout out to Ronnie, who bought something from us every single week).

We’re already looking forward to next year’s market, which will start in June. Until then you can still get Carson and Bees honey from us directly, or at a few local spots (including Pizza Etc in Redwood Valley and Westside Renaissance Market in Ukiah).

Thanks for a fun summer, Redwood Valley!

first RV market

Honey sticks are here!

At long last and by popular demand, Carson and Bees is excited to finally offer HONEY STICKS! For now they’re available by special order and at the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market (Sundays in Lion’s Park from 9-12). The price is 25 cents each, or five for a dollar.

like copper A five-gallon bucket of early harvest honey was hand-delivered (special thanks to our friend Matt for pulling that off on a road trip) to the honey stick-making facility in Oregon a few weeks ago, and yesterday we got three boxes in the mail containing 4,400 gorgeous golden wands.

As I was trying to figure out how best to photograph them, I realized they were already sitting in the middle of a perfect summer still life: sunflowers from Black Dog Farm, peaches from Elmer’s Orchards, and honey from us right here at Carson and Bees. (You can find all three of us at the market on Sunday, incidentally.)

honey sticks


Carson and Bees at the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market

It’s official – Carson and Bees is back at the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market after a years-long hiatus! The first market of the season was last Sunday, June 15, with a great turnout filled with familiar faces who were glad to have us back.

RV market

Please come support us and this excellent market every Sunday until October 12th from 9:30 to 12:30 at Lion’s Park. There’s live music every week and occasional cooking demos using goods from the vendors. Plus, our booth is right next to The Spot which serves awesome coffee and fresh-baked, 100% organic pastries. Or chow down on a breakfast burrito from Fairall’s Farm… dangerous for us since we already feast on these on Saturday mornings at the Ukiah market. Of course you should stock up on veggies and eggs for the week, too. We try to do 100% of our produce shopping at farmers markets and it really is affordable.

Hope to see you there one of these Sundays! Call or e-mail in advance if you’d like to purchase anything bigger than a 1/2 gallon, and we’ll be sure to bring it.

Carson & Bees in the Westside Renaissance Market

Carson & Bees is proud to announce that our honey is now being carried by our favorite local grocer, the Westside Renaissance Market on Clay St in Ukiah.

This year we’ve grown quite a bit, which means we have more honey to go around. If you can’t make it to the “RenMar” (as we affectionately call it), you can also buy Carson & Bees honey at the following locations:

  • Pizza Etc in Redwood Valley
  • Hopper’s Corner Store in Potter Valley
  • Jaxon Keys Winery in Hopland
  • Happy Herb Shop in Ukiah (you can get our bee pollen there, too!)
  • Direct from us (same price as in the store)

Stay tuned for more!

First honey extraction of the year

This year Carson & Bees was fortunate to have several hives in a gorgeous mustard field, and Carson was able to harvest 15 gallons of spring honey as a result – a very early extraction, but the supers were too heavy to resist.

Carson honey frame

Even with an automated extractor, it still took Carson and a friend several hours to uncap all the frames, and work went on well into the night:

extracting at night

The end result was well worth the effort!