It’s time to order bee packages!

2018 is underway, and January always makes us look to the spring ahead of us. In the land of beekeeping, spring means new  hives. We are excited to once again offer bee packages for sale, available in mid to late April. The bees come from a trusted partner of ours in nearby Capay Valley. Each three-pound package is enough to start a new hive, and includes approximately 3 frames of bees and a mated queen.

If you would like to order one or more bee packages from us, please fill out and return this 2018 Bee package order form by March 31, 2018. Packages must be pre-paid. All orders are final and nonrefundable.

  • 1-4 packages: $150 each
  • 5+ packages: $125 each (only one contact person allowed)
  • 1 complete hive: $350. Includes two 10-frame boxes with frames (one deep and one shallow), top and bottom boards, and bees. Will be available for pick-up or delivery in the evening 2-3 days after the packages arrive.
  • Delivery and installation fee: $35 (optional; Ukiah area only)

Call 707-489-1587 or email with questions or to order over the phone or via email.

bee packages


1 thought on “It’s time to order bee packages!

  1. What a great thing! I’ve wanted to have bees for some time and really like that you make them available in Ukiah. I’ll bee placing an order.

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