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National Pollinator Week

Did you know that June 16-22 is National Pollinator Week? It began seven years ago by a proclamation from the U.S. Congress, and is organized by the Pollinator Partnership. It is used as a time to bring awareness to bees, birds, butterflies, and bats.

Here’s a fun fact: there are over 25,000 species of bees in the world. Most of them are solitary and live in the ground, making the honey bee’s “superorganism” style of living collectively rather rare. Here’s a sad fact: pretty much all of them are threatened.

In an exciting step forward to protect these threatened species so critical to our food chain, today President Obama called on the USDA and the EPA to co-chair a Pollinator Health Task Force that will include research and public education. Carson & Bees wants to give a hefty THANK YOU to the White House for taking action on this important issue!

In honor of pollinator week, we invite you to find a moment this weekend to stop and watch a bee at work. Find a flowery area and look closely at all the activity; you might be surprised by how many different types of bees you’ll see on the same bush.

Also, Carson & Bees will be giving out free sunflower seed packets – pollinated by our bees last year! – at the Redwood Valley Farmers Market this Sunday, June 22, from 9:30-12:30 at Lion’s Park. Come say hello.

Carson and Bees at the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market

It’s official – Carson and Bees is back at the Redwood Valley Farmers’ Market after a years-long hiatus! The first market of the season was last Sunday, June 15, with a great turnout filled with familiar faces who were glad to have us back.

RV market

Please come support us and this excellent market every Sunday until October 12th from 9:30 to 12:30 at Lion’s Park. There’s live music every week and occasional cooking demos using goods from the vendors. Plus, our booth is right next to The Spot which serves awesome coffee and fresh-baked, 100% organic pastries. Or chow down on a breakfast burrito from Fairall’s Farm… dangerous for us since we already feast on these on Saturday mornings at the Ukiah market. Of course you should stock up on veggies and eggs for the week, too. We try to do 100% of our produce shopping at farmers markets and it really is affordable.

Hope to see you there one of these Sundays! Call or e-mail in advance if you’d like to purchase anything bigger than a 1/2 gallon, and we’ll be sure to bring it.