The art of shaking bees

It’s spring, and that means bees are available for sale to beekeepers who lost hives over the winter and want to rebuild, or new beekeepers who want to get started. (Note: we have a few packages for sale if you’re interested; call 489-1587 by May 5 to reserve yours!)

Bees typically come in three-pound packages with a new, mated queen. (Did you know that queens have just one 10-day window to mate, and if they aren’t successful, they can only lay unfertilized drone brood?)

bee packages
Carson hoists five bee packages on their way to be shaken into their new homes.

Installing packaged bees in their new home isn’t as simple as cracking it open and placing them on top of or next to an empty hive. You have to literally shake the little buggers out. Watch as Carson first removes the queen’s little box and places it in the hive, then cracks a can of sugary water for them to feed, and finally shakes the bees out (all without gloves). Be sure to turn your sound up!

Carson swears that it doesn’t hurt the bees to be shaken and even pounded out, though one can imagine they aren’t thrilled about it based on how many times he gets stung.

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